Biscuit Selection

Jerry (Rich.T) Deans

Carpin' and harpin' on vocals and harmonica

Very much the front man and mouthpiece of the band. An inspired spontaneous lyricist whose musical leadership often surprises the other band members.
The song writer and main exponent of finger picking guitar style in the band. Freddy Fingers (Jammie Dodger) Howett

Strummin’ & Hummin’ on Guitar and Vocals

Nigel ('Blind' Lemon Puff) Beasley

Plonkin’ & Honkin’ on Guitar and Backing Vocals

Aka "Mr Fabulous". An enigmatic performer of whom it was once said "makes cream of tomato soup look interesting!".
The heart of the rhythm section. Former keyboard player for the band. One time roadie with the Bay City Rollers.

Ralph (McVitie) Ritchie

Bangin’ & Clangin’ on Drums and Percussion

Martin (Shortcake Round) May

Throbbin’ & Sobbin’ on Bass

Now abandoned his collection of guitar effects pedals and taken up the bass guitar