Old Recipes...

Biscuit history

The band consists of frustrated engineers who first got together in the early eighties while working for Standard Telephones & Cables at New Southgate in north London. Originally the band played acoustically without a drummer, jamming and practising after work at the STC site and giving their first performances to their hapless colleagues. With the introduction of a drummer, the band went electric and at this point secured a residency at the company's prestigious Sports & Social Club pavilion. For some forgotten reason, the band originally called itself "Nigel Beasley's Men From THe Hills".

Their first public gigs were at 'The Griffin' Pub in Whetstone, north London and featured McVitie playing on keyboards and Hammond organ. The departure of the drummer prompted some drastic action - the remaining band members had a whip round of £10 each in order to buy McVitie a secondhand drum kit. This transformation has proved hugely successful as McVitie has been the band drummer ever since (the original drum kit has fortunately been replaced!).

Although there have been several changes to the line up in the intervening years, including a change of name to "Rich.T and The Biscuits", the core of the band have been playing together for over fifteen years. (For some unknown reason, the attrition rate on bass players has been the highest! - 6 at the last count).

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Gone but not forgotten...(unfortunately)

Whilst current recipes have been honed to near perfection over the intervening years, early recipes were not always so successful…

Past it’s sell by date…Big Boss Man (the worlds worst guitar solo…probably)