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Mo Biscuits - A 5 piece rock covers band based in Pittsburgh.

The Biscuit Brothers - High energy musical mayhem for kids, based in Austin Texas.

Left Over Biscuits - Bluegrass from Flathead Vally, Montana.

Luther Gravey & The Soul Biscuits - a solid R&B rhythm section and big band horns provide high energy blues, swing, Motown and ballads in Central and Northern Michigan.

The Biscuits - The Piping Hot Buttery Biscuits of Blues.

Phil Peacock's Virtual Biscuit - Celtic influenced band based in North London.

Biscuits and Blues - Blues Club, Bar & Restaurant...San Francisco.

The Black Bottom Biscuits - A rocking country bluegrass band from South Carolina

The Biscuit Burners - The sweetest sounds this side of Nickel Creek

The Big Biscuit Blues Band - Cooking the blues in Atlanta!

The Singing Biscuits - Carrie Hanby's Florida based band

Biscuits And The Mix - Blues with a smile

The King Biscuit Time Blues Band - Blues with a hint of Chianti

Whiskey Biscuit - a juiced up jaunt through LA's seedy underbelly!

DX Biscuit - Washington based blues band

Big Biscuit Band - based in Roswell, Georgia

The Biscuit Rollers - a musical feast from Texas

Jack The Biscuit - acoustic folk-rock with hard rock ambitions

The Biscuit Boys - a Nashville based bluegrass band

The Rubber Biscuit Band - a rhythm 'n' blues and soul band from Kent

The Biscuit Hounds - a blues based rock and roll band from Arkansas

The Burning Biscuit Band - based in Munich, they play a wide variety of styles

Cat Head Biscuit - a blues rock band from NE Arkansas

The Honeycombs - The latest reincarnation of the 60s UK band (not strictly a biscuit, but the bass player used to play with Rich T & The Biscuits)

King Biscuit Blues Festival. This annual blues festival commemorates the legendary blues radio show sponsored by King Biscuits transmitted by station KFFA from Helena, Arkansas which promoted the careers of...

A CD album recognising the contribution made by the "King Biscuit Radio Show" was recently released by Dave Edmunds

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The Big Book of Beautiful Biscuits from Australian Womans Weekly.


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